DOJ Drops Case Against General Flynn

After Almost Four Years, The Deep State Coup Insurance Policy To Take Down The President Has Been Fully Exposed – Flynn To Be Free!

Since the day that the deep state recognized Donald J. Trump as a threat to their criminal organization, the deep state worked tirelessly to try to take him down. As you may know, some of the corrupt FBI agents have already been fired. Strzok, McCabe, Page, Clapper, and a range of others have already lost their pensions and await indictments that will result from the DOJ investigation into this coup attempt.

The earliest target in the coup attempt was General Mike Flynn. Flynn was a high ranking general in the Obama administration and it was believed that he knew far too much for them to allow him to remain active, and to face the possibility that he develop kinship ties to the Trump administration.

The Justice Department on Thursday recommended a federal judge reverse the conviction of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and drop the charges, a stunning reversal in a case that became a powerful symbol of FBI misconduct in the Russia case.

This move now frees General Flynn to go back to work for the Trump Administration where he is sure to shed light on other criminal activities tied to the Obama Administration. It promises to be a very interesting next few months as the deep state is panicking after all attempts to take down the president have failed.

The “Plandemic” was, I believe, their last effort to take the president down. Willing to crash the economy, cause the death of untold thousands of citizens, fake the numbers for this virus, and suppress the truth about known COVID cures has been the earmark of a serious criminal organization that has ties to media, local and state governments, and the judicial system. They are now fully exposed.

Trust the Plan – and Enjoy the Show!

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