Natural Gas Shortage?

Natural Gas Shortage?

Every once in a while we are collectively forced to pay the price for the idiotic policies of our politically correct leadership.  One such policy was to allow enviro-fascists bully our government into submission on pipelines and fuel transport.  As a result, you will all suffer now.  Most of you will have either received this message below or will be in the next few days.  

Fortis BC – Announcement


As you may know, on October 9, 2018 an Enbridge-owned natural gas transmission pipeline ruptured near Prince George, BC. Given Enbridge’s pipelines provide the majority of FortisBC’s natural gas, this has had an immediate impact on our natural gas system. Your support and positive efforts to reduce your use of natural gas during this time is immensely appreciated.

This week, Enbridge reported that it has completed repairs on their pipeline, which is now being returned to service. However, it’s important to note that Enbridge plans to operate their transmission system at a reduced capacity for the next number of months, with flows of natural gas expected to only be between 55 and 80 per cent of its normal capacity. While completion of the repairs is a positive step, the reduced capacity reported by Enbridge means natural gas supply will still be limited. As we head into colder weather, we ask that our customers continue to focus on their conservation measures to help ensure a sufficient supply of natural gas is available for customers over the winter.

At some point in our lives, we are going to need to put common sense and self-determination ahead of the globalist liberal swill they force down your throats every day. We need to find better ways to get things done. We need to enforce strict safety standards upon corporations that run key projects in the province. And we always need to have a contingency plan. 

Ironically, while the governing party tells you to find other ways to heat your homes in what might be the toughest winter we've seen in the past decade, it puts on blindfolders regarding its other mantra about global warming.  

In Peachland, those who can't afford the increased prices of natural gas will turn to wood stoves for heat.  Think about the effect of a 40% increase in firewood for heat this winter!  It kind of puts Peachland back 400 years in efforts to reduce CO2!

And on the coast, you'll find that the situation is going to increase the cost of groceries substantially.  Greenhouses in the Fraser Valley pay huge CO2 surcharges to run their greenhouses.  I know one fellow who pays $8,000 per month in CO2 levies.  Well, now the gas costs for all of these greenhouses are going to rise sharply as well.  Can you see the utter irony on all of this? 

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