Launches in Peachland

I picked up the mail today around 2 pm and found a letter addressed to “Peachland Neighbor”. The letter was an introduction to join a new service called “”. While that might sound like a Canadian site, the domain actually forwards to a domain based in San Francisco (

On the surface Nextdoor seems like a great idea. It connects neighbors and allows interaction in ways that Facebook just can't do. That said, my initial take is to proceed with extreme caution.

Of great concern is the fact that the service will list your picture and your REAL ADDRESS! This should be a huge concern for anyone with an opinion! The world is rife with activists, fascists, left-wing lunatics, narcopaths, sociopaths, and even simple predatory criminals. Its a sad commentary on society, but that's where we're at today. Its no longer your granny's Peachland!

Even more concerning is that the company is run by progressives who formerly worked for Twitter and other high tech companies! These companies have demonstrated open racism and a socialist agenda over the past couple of years by exercising an inherent bias against conservatives and whites. They will suppress conservative views, while promoting any leftist agenda that comes along. They are as adverse to hearing facts as a vampire is to sunbathing on the beach! When they don't like what you are saying, they'll call it “hate speech” or some kind of phobia.

In addition, has a set of community guidelines that pretty much spells out that if you have a strong voice about any topic, they will prevent you from voicing it. They will ban you if you persist. wants a passive and compliant population that is willing to swallow the globalist dogma all day long.

If you fell for the global warming scam, or if you get all your news from the FAKE mainstream media, then Nextdoor might just be your ticket! You'll love it.

On the other hand, if you are awake, and if you understand the nature of the globalist attacks on our rights and freedoms, and if you understand why the US president is “draining the swamp” and terminating globalist narcopaths, then chances are that you won't be happy at Nextdoor.


In a perfect world, could have worked. We had a similar service back in 2015 that had many of the same objectives, but it failed miserably. can only work if everyone is passive and moderately agreeable. I don't see this Pollyanna platform being able to control the content. I see as a tool of the progressives to keep on dumbing down society to the point where globalist control is simple.

If you want to understand more about what I am talking about when I talk about the state of the world, then I highly recommend you read THIS ARTICLE written by Brandon Smith!

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