Peachland’s Judicial Review 2018

Peachland's Judicial Review 2018

Monday, October 29th at approximately 10 am, Peachland will undergo its first-ever Judicial review to determine the mayoralty outcome of this year's municipal election. After the vote verification exercise on October 22nd, the top two candidates were tied at 804 votes each. 

The judge, in this case, does not have the power to investigate the election. She will not compare the serial numbers on the individual ballots to the electronic records stored in the database.  She won't make any determination as to the possibility of one ballot being recorded twice. Peachland maintains that the ballot reading machine jammed for one ballot, but that ballot was taken by the machine and pumped into the sealed ballot box attached to the machine.  The possibility exists that this single jammed ballot could have been added manually back into the count if staff believed that it had not been recorded by the machine. This is why it is critical that we see the machine's reporting on this matter and why we must verify each and every single ballot serial number to a corresponding vote on the electronic record.  Only then will we have an accurate record of proceedings.  

[Post Review Update]

The judicial review confirmed the mathematics conducted by Peachland Staff. It was declared a tie vote. Two names were put in a hat and Cindy Fortin's name was drawn for Mayor.  Cindy Fortin will be Peachland's mayor for the next four years.  The challenger has no plans to challenge the results any further. 

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