The Creature From Jekyll Island

After watching all of the turmoil not only in the United States but all around the world, it seems plainly obvious that we have some big issues to deal with. It is clear by now to all that the globalists (or deep state as they are often called) want the world divided and at war. They want race wars as well as religious wars. As long as there are war and hatred, the big bankers just keep making money. To that end, a friend of mine this week referred to a video about Jekyll Island.

The video is all about the formation of the US Federal Reserve and about how the plan to control the planet was hatched by Mayer Amschel Bauer back in the mid-1700s. Bauer and his five sons developed a system of fractional reserves that formed the basis of our current money operations. To mark their territory, they created a RED SHIELD which they hung on their doorways. The system was so successful, Bauer changed his name to the German translation of Red Shield. They became THE ROTHSCHILD family.

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