The Fall of Justin Trudeau

The Fall of Justin Trudeau

As we move toward the October 2019 federal election, you are going to see an increased social media attack on Justin Trudeau. There is no doubt in the minds of social justice warriors that Justin Trudeau has to be defeated in 2019 if Canada is to survive and retain its long-standing culture.  To shed some light on the issues that will be discussed in this next yet, this video is highly informative.  

What is most interesting to me in this video is that the broadcaster believes that not only should Trudeau be tossed, but the conservative party must also be thoroughly trounced.  The message is going to have to reach the masses if people are to understand that the People's Party of Canada (Maxime Bernier) must be seen as the alternative.  Otherwise, we face another decade or two of statist control and a loss of control!

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