Valley Medical Laboratories

Valley Medical Laboratories

Valley Medical Laboratories on Solid Ground!

I recently read on one of our community's Facebook pages that Valley Medical Laboratories might not be getting all of the traffic it needs to remain operational.

I really couldn't see this unsubstantiated rumor being accurate, so today I went out to find out for myself. I learned that because of BC's strange laws, medical practitioners cannot advertise. I find this reprehensible since medical clinics from the USA are allowed to run full-page ads in our papers for their specialized services. I know one local resident who spent $25,000 on stem-cell work at a clinic in Utah, while at the same time “Pagdin Health” of Kelowna could have offered the same treatment! Sadly, Pagdin was not allowed to advertise. But I digress…

I went into the clinic to speak with staff that work there. They assured me that the business has lots of traffic and the the rumors of the operation closing are completely false. I asked about traffic from Westbank and they indicated that they do get a fair bit of traffic from Westbank. This is, of course, good for our community.

To ensure that the business continues to grow and gain new business, my intention is to make sure that I do some advertising of the Peachland Community in Westbank and surrounding area. 

When you consider that our clinic is about 15 minutes from Westbank, and that the Westbank clinic is often far too busy, it seems to me that some of that traffic would not only benefit our clinic, but also the local businesses here in Peachland as well.

In doing my advertising, it is not my wish to step on the toes of our local Chamber of Commerce, but I am not a person to “fail to take action” when I see the need. 

Perhaps when the Chamber is not so busy promoting the “Bed and Breakfasts” owned by its board of directors, they might find time to help some other local businesses as well? And while we're at it, maybe the District should consider auditing its grant investments to ensure adequate return on investment? Let's keep everyone on their toes, shall we?

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