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The Problem

In the months since I originally took down the old Peachland site, there have been many changes. One thing is obvious. The citizens of this town are very heavily propagandized by the fake media that owns the airwaves. On the bright side, if we use “mask-wearing” as a meter of the degree to which you’ve been hood-winked, then Peachland does much better than other communities.

As I drove from “The Bliss” south to the other end of town, I saw NOT ONE person who was walking the lake-front path wearing a mask! This gives me some hope for the collective intelligence of this community. Those behind this fear campaign for COVID want and need you to believe them. They own and control all of the media and most of the politicians.

I first took an interest in this matter when our own Mayor shared her personal opinion to the public on local television. She said that as a “former nurse,” she strongly supported mask use. Well, I’m not a doctor, but I did study medical sciences at University for four years (along with computer sciences). I had also read the packaging for the N95 masks at the hospital. I knew that the mayor’s opinion was a radical and seemingly desperate departure from what we would typically expect.

When I called the BC College for Nurses, they told me that the Mayor was a “licensed practical nurse” who walked away from her credential over 35 years ago! When I asked what an LPN does, I discovered that it was little more than changing bed-pans and bandaids. An LPN takes orders from doctors and Registered Nurses. So why would the mayor step out like this and take such a risk to push this agenda?

If you try to discuss this matter with anyone who’s fully enveloped in the political dogma of leftist tyranny, you’ll find them incapable of any reality-based conversation. They’ll quickly tell you, as they try to do with Climate Change, that “The Science is Settled!” As if that is the end of the conversation. And if you challenge them on the point, their next avenue of attack is to call you a “racist” or “xenophobe” or something similar. This notion is simply ludicrous. By its very nature, science is NEVER settled. Science, by definition, is always open to challenge. If you cannot challenge the prevailing opinions, it is not science – it is a cult or a political dogma.

I knew that the masks do nothing to protect you or others from the virus. Moreover, there is a growing body of science that shows the masks do more harm than good. Below is once such example in this video:

The Solution

In the coming months, we may cover material that is not just local, but international. Because of the huge legal battles happing in the USA right now over Biden and the DNC trying to steal the election, many significant events are going to take place. Sadly, many of you will be shocked to the core when you finally see how this all plays out. You’ve been propagandized to believe that Donald Trump is the bad guy. You rail on about how bad you think Trump is, but when I challenge any of you, you can’t tell me a single truthful thing about him. All you know is what the mainstream media have pushed down your throats.

What worries me is how we can run a town and elect a strong council when there are so many of you simply either grossly or willfully ignorant? The irony is that you select a slate that does not work for you except for a few good councilors. They have no intention of working for you. They work for themselves and the corporations that buy them. Until you learn to see through this, you’ll always end up with messes like the OCP fiasco that has dogged the town since I moved here five years ago.

Introducing – Epoch Times

Epoch Times

If sane minds don’t recapture control of our cities and provinces, we have ignored the lessons that history tried to teach us. At some point, your continued freedom and liberty means you will have to step up and share your voice.

I’m not sure what it takes to wake you all up, or even if it is possible. However, I was hugely impressed this week when a copy of the EPOCH TIMES showed up in my mailbox. After reading this paper, I subscribed immediately. I subscribed because my wife showed me a “cartoon” from the Peachland View. I was horrified! The cartoonist rendered a slanderous depiction of two characters talking about Trump. In America, this cartoonist could expect a visit from the Secret Service. I am wholly disappointed at the level this paper has fallen to. Perhaps it is a sign of just how deep the propaganda arm of the deep state fascists has gone? I’m going to syndicate with the EPOCH TIMES and help them to get their message out.


And finally, if you find yourself angry at this editorial, then you might want to take a long look in the mirror. Are you part of the problem? Think about what works and what research you personally conduct to find the facts about any given situation? Do you surf along with the low-intelligence drivel offered up on Facebook, Twitter, or Google? Are you aware that these three bad actors share a database of users that they collectively suppress? If the wrongly expressed opinion has ever been tied to one of your email addresses, these three networks act in concert to suppress and de-platform you. This means that no one will find you by searching Google. None of your opinions will be seen anywhere on Facebook, and likely, Facebook will just outright terminate your account for expressing truths that they don’t want to have people know about. And finally, Twitter will give you the illusion that you are posting your opinions, but in reality, they are shadow-banning you, and no one ever sees your tweets outside of a small few.

In the coming weeks, I will write articles and editorials about some of the research resources I use to track down the truth. I’ll show you why Google Search can never be trusted. I’ll post links to many of these resources so that you can conduct your own research and empower yourselves.

“Doing a Search on Google is Like having a Sheep Ask The Wolf What He’d Like for Dinner!”