Max Bernier Tour

Mad Max Whistle Stop!

Those so inclined, Max will be here on the 5th of September! Stop by and show your support! Read more »
F**k Trudeau

Trudeau campaign rally canceled over security concerns amid protests

Alright. Something's up. My radar is beeping on this. So early into the campaign and already Trudeau is getting booed out of one community after the other. If this... Read more »

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Princeton Avenue Fire June 26th

At somewhere near noon on Saturday, June 25th a fire broke out at a home on Maranatha Drive, just off Princeton Avenue in Peachland. Within minutes the home was quickly engulfed in... Read more »
The Phoenix

Great Peachland News Coverage!

During this turbulent period where those in power feel they were given powers to go full-blown Nazi on the population with their fake science, useless lockdowns, and promotion of an engineered bioweapon... Read more »