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I've worked a lot of elections in my 67 years on this rock. Working with Preston Manning and the Reform Party was very exciting and offered ground-breaking insight into the political spectrum. Exposing a CSIS infiltrator in the party was fun! But here we are in 2021 trying all over again to regain control of our country!

I am getting a phenomenal amount of interest in our movement. What is totally clear is that citizens are divided along pragmatic lines. It's come down to “Us” vs. “Them”. Below is a copy of an email I sent to the last fellow who wrote to me asking about signs. I think this information warrants wider circulation.

The campaign is very short this year.  As you might know, signs are controversial.  Canadians are greatly divided.  It comes down to this.

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Our messaging is fundamental.  There is “THEM” and there is “US”.

“THEM” are owned by the globalists. THEM are the NDP, Conservatives, and the Liberals. They are all horses in the same race, and they are all owned by the same globalist interests.  Those people don’t care which of their three horses win this election. They only care that the “Horse” that is not owned by them does NOT win! That horse is the People's Party of Canada!

The PPC is not owned by the globalists and therefore represents a systemic threat to the globalist existence.  They will throw everything they have at us to stop us.  They own the media and most big tech platforms. They will deploy armies of fascists to destroy our signs and virtue signal their hatred for freedom, transparency, diversity, and the PPC.  

The difference in 2021, is that in order to accelerate their march toward tyranny – their global reset, they overplayed their hand.

As a PPC member, I just say – “If you like the direction Canada is going in, – if you like lockdowns, the loss of freedom, vaccine passports… and governments that squander our money, then keep on voting for the same old three parties. It makes no difference to the owners which of their three wins.  But if you want to take back control of  your country, then you have this one chance.”

If we place signs all over the place, then the fascists will cut them up, deface them and write nasty things on them. Those signs will reach only about 50 people per day who drive out for groceries or drive to work.  However, If we use our online power, we will reach 10,000 people per day… every day.

Please check out our messaging here:

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Our messaging is fundamental.  There is “THEM” and there is “US”.

The best thing anyone can do to help the party is to share our story with everyone they know and ask them to share with everyone they know. We believe in democracy. So if people are happy with the direction that Canada is going, then it is their right to vote for more of the same.  We accept that. All we can do is offer a clear message with a platform that adds value to your life.

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