Princeton Avenue Fire June 26th

At somewhere near noon on Saturday, June 25th a fire broke out at a home on Maranatha Drive, just off Princeton Avenue in Peachland. Within minutes the home was quickly engulfed in flame.  The wind was blowing toward the west, but trees went up like match-sticks!

Kudos to the fast-acting authorities on this fire.  Firetrucks, planes, helicopters, RCMP, and volunteers were at the scene in about 20 minutes.

I drove up to a friend's home on Thompson to assist him with loading his horse trailer in the event he would need to evacuate.

At about 2:15 pm the RCPM began going door to door on Thompson to put people on evacuation notice.

The speed with which they attacked this fire was impressive, to say the least.  Everyone was helpful and cooperative.  I noticed that a dog had fled the scene and was captured by its owner.  I happened to have a gallon of cold water in the truck, which they willingly accepted.

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