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I love this story. Some time ago, in another era, I ran into Kirsten. She had just taken over at the local newspaper for the fired – Dan Walton.

In my view, firing Don was the start of censorship and big media control of the narrative. It had finally reached this wonderful little community. While Kirsten was initially highly critical of me and my bull-headed approach, I recognized that she was a talented journalist. So I was not surprised to find sometime later that Kirsten was off on her own, developing “The Phoenix.” Back then I suggested that she add a “yearly” subscription to her “Phoenix” offering. She is now doing that and I feel we should support her work any way we can.

We are moving into interesting times in the next two years. How we deal with it will determine the future of Peachland for many decades. I highly recommend that you support Kirsten and subscribe to “The Phoenix.” Think of it as an insurance policy!

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