Hall of Shame

The Covid Narrative Hall of Shame

Most of the world knows that the COVID narrative has collapsed. The game is over, Blackrock! You lost. Live with it. This page will start to collect your idiotic attempts... Read more »
Big Pharma

Big Pharma, Blackrock, and The Vanguard Group Won’t Like This Post!

Here is why the pharmaceutical companies will no longer enjoy protection from legal action that might arise from an adverse reaction to the administration of their experimental mRNA injections. Read more »

The Q-Sentinals Have Arrived

The Q-Sentinals Have Arrived - A movie by Juan O. Savin. Awaken The Sleeper: The Revelation Option & Ever-increasing Faith Read more »
PCR Truth Bombs

The PCR Test Deception

After two years of posting truth bombs, I still don't know what the magic number is to wake up the walking dead. Clearly, the media have to own a big piece of... Read more »

My 35-Day Journey to Covid Hell and Back

The Big Fix will come when we are collectively awake enough to replace our corrupt and compromised politicians and governments. We'll need to have a lot of grassroots involvement, and we... Read more »
Australia Caught

Australia Caught! Who’s Next?

For nearly two years people have been saying, "how can so many politicians from so many countries and so many parties all sing the same song at the same time?" Never... Read more »
Evil Blackrock

A Great Day For Freedom Over Tyranny!

Well then, Blackrock. You should govern yourselves accordingly as your empire is about to be crushed. Today was just one good day in our march to victory. Not only... Read more »
Biden Regime dies

The Globalist Honeymoon is Over!

I've been saying it for months. The globalists are going to lose. They simply lack the grey matter to see the big picture. We are millions of people. They are... Read more »

BlackRock and Vanguard: The Same Shady People Own Big Pharma and the Media

Some of you just can't make the jump to understanding how you could be so wrong about the COVID hoax that has been beating you over the head for almost two years.... Read more »