How To Deal With A Municipal CAO

Among the community activists I follow, Billy Joyce, is one I tune into regularly.  A fellow Canadian, Billy faces many of the same challenges we face here in the west.  Billy is... Read more »
All Candidates Meeting

All Candidates Meeting Report

I just got back to the office from tonight's All Candidates meeting at the community center in Peachland.  The event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce, and they did a great... Read more »

Council Meeting 09/18/18

What surprised me most about this meeting was that there were ZERO residents attending and ZERO prospective councilors attending.  I can understand that residents have things to do and that they expect... Read more »
Good Governance

Peachland Governance in 2018 and Beyond

Peachland Governance Historically, Peachland has had its share of community dysfunction. It seems that every time there is a development proposal, there are immediately two sides. The governing side harbors the illusion... Read more »
Peachland Council

Council Meeting June 26th, 2018

Council Meeting June 26th, 2018 I attended the Peachland council meeting once again last night. Each time I attend, I learn something new. This night was no different. I still find myself... Read more »