Dan Albas? Arrogant? Or Out of Touch?

I drove up to Merritt today with another truckload of "Kathryn McDonald" Signs. It was a bit surprising to see that there were still a few Albas signs not knocked over... Read more »
F**k Trudeau

Trudeau campaign rally canceled over security concerns amid protests

Alright. Something's up. My radar is beeping on this. So early into the campaign and already Trudeau is getting booed out of one community after the other. If this... Read more »

Protect Yourself from The Virus!

Max Bernier

Canada – A View From The Street

The People’s Party of Canada are the ONLY ONES with a clear message, and the only ones offering something of value! I spent the last week on the main street of my town... Read more »
Max Bernier

A Message from Max Bernier

Why is Mr. Trudeau calling an election today when he has been able to do whatever he wanted with a minority government? The ridiculous ads put out by the Conservative Party got... Read more »
Trudeau Traitor

Canada Gets One Chance To Clean This Mess Up!

I would never have guessed that this PM would have the gumption to call this election now. Now is the time you are all suffering from the fear campaign that they... Read more »