Fauci Fired

Dr. Fauci’s Days Are Numbered!

With the release of the Fauci emails recently, we can see that this man is beyond belief! His lies continue to mount as America wakes up to the reality of Fauci's... Read more »
Del Bigtree

Bigtree and Jaxen on The Origins of Covid

The COVID-19 lab origin theory, long deemed a conspiracy, is now seriously being considered, thanks to thousands of Anthony Fauci’s emails obtained through FOIA requests. Now published scientists that dismissed this theory... Read more »

Protect Yourself from The Virus!

Truth will set you Free

The Truth Dam Is About To Break!

Perhaps some of you have been paying attention over the past year… and perhaps not. It we use "masks" as a barometer for public apathy, then it appears that 90% of you... Read more »