Is The Liberal Party Out to Tank Trudeau?

I've been watching politics for about 50 years. I've never seen such a concentrated effort to take a guy down like this before! Read more »

How To Deal With A Municipal CAO

Among the community activists I follow, Billy Joyce, is one I tune into regularly.  A fellow Canadian, Billy faces many of the same challenges we face here in the west.  Billy is... Read more »
Judicial Review

Peachland’s Judicial Review 2018

Monday, October 29th at approximately 10 am, Peachland will undergo its first-ever Judicial review to determine the mayoralty outcome of this year's municipal election. After the vote verification exercise on October 22nd,... Read more »
Peachtree debacle

One Man’s Take On Peachland Votes 2018

The following notes are taken directly from the Peachland Votes 2018 Facebook page with Randey's permission to post it.   Randey provides an excellent analysis of not just who he supports for the... Read more »
People's Party of Canada

Introducing “The People’s Party of Canada!”

The populist people's revolution in the USA that elected Donald Trump and threw out the corrupt establishment, is having dramatic effects on politics everywhere! As conservative MPs across this country come under... Read more »