Trudeau Scam

Justin Trudeau Must Account for over $200 Billion in Covid Spending!

As I parked in front of the local IGA today waving my PPC signs, people were pulling over to chat with me. One couple brought to my attention this video where... Read more »

Even The PRO-Vaxxers Hate Trudeau!

This is kind of important. The enemy of my enemy is my friend! As you'll hear in this catchy video, even the PRO-VAXXERS can't stand this moron! He is... Read more »

Protect Yourself from The Virus!

F**k Trudeau

Trudeau campaign rally canceled over security concerns amid protests

Alright. Something's up. My radar is beeping on this. So early into the campaign and already Trudeau is getting booed out of one community after the other. If this... Read more »
Trudeau Traitor

Trudeau Booed out of Surrey!

I knew that most of Canada really hates this guy, but what I just saw in Surrey is a prime example of the opposition to the bullshit he tries to play out... Read more »
Trudeau Traitor

Canada Gets One Chance To Clean This Mess Up!

I would never have guessed that this PM would have the gumption to call this election now. Now is the time you are all suffering from the fear campaign that they... Read more »
Trudeau's Residential Crisis

Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary Lambastes Justin Trudeau

This week I was sent a letter that the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau. It is a scathing indictment of Trudeau's performance, and I... Read more »

Are You Embarrassed That You Elected This Prime Minister?

Unlike the lowly Canadians he rules over, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jet-set over to Cornwall, England over the weekend to wine and dine with the world’s elites at the G7 meeting. Rules... Read more »