The Climate Consequences of House Fires

Yesterday we had a house fire in Peachland that fully destroyed a home and burned the trees and bushland in the surrounding area. That fire released a fair amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, so this article is for you Climate Conspiracy theorists who still haven't cottoned on to the fact that Global Warming was ruled a fraud and a scam by the court system. So let's entertain your delusional fantasy for a few seconds that humans are the cause of this long-debunked CO2 hoax.

What would it take to offset the effects of the CO2 released in yesterday's fire? If you bother to do any research, you could soon find the figures. It's all available with a simple Google search.

To Offset Yesterday's CO2 Release, You'd Need The Following:

  • No human activity from Kelowna to Osoyoos for the next 75 years. This means no cars, no home heating or cooling, no electrical appliances, no garbage disposal, no cigarette smoking, and no local burning.
  • No forest fires that result from lightning strikes or low IQ campers, and the biggie…
  • No solar flares that routinely heat the lakes and oceans, thereby releasing the bulk of CO2 that is found in the atmosphere.

If you feel that for the next 75 years, you could live with this, then pat yourself on the back! You are a full-blown low-functioning Libtard hell-bent on destroying western civilization!

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