The Evolution of Truth in 2021

I was sent this prophet opinion piece tonight from a group of friends. The author is Sami Richard. He can be found on Facebook. Kudos to Sami for this piece. It needs to be heard by everyone. Those who are still connected to the Matrix will have a difficult time with Sami's comments. The rest of us know exactly what he's talking about.

There is lots of positive momentum building on and off social media which is largely being suppressed to present the illusion that the minority is much smaller than the reality. This includes the rallies which are mobilizing more people worldwide and forging new connections ready for the upcoming attempt to medically segregate people and drive a rift between the diverging sectors of the population.

There is also lots of reassuring backlash on celebrity profiles who are posing with the needle, sometimes close to 100%. On other posts, it is the complete reverse that indicates suppression of undesirable comments or deployment of bots to parrot the narrative's tag lines.

This is like wartime conscription but even more rampant due to the internet and the ability to create fake people to push the propaganda.Psychologically, the social engineers know that people are more likely to follow a majority, and if they caught wind of the reality of all the side effects, they wouldn’t be subjecting themselves or anyone they love to being lab rats for this eugenics experiment.

There are countless groups, surpassing 100,000 subscribers in many cases, that are reporting tragic reactions to the gene interventions, and this doesn’t account for the overwhelming percentage of them that have been deleted. But you can’t keep a lid on the truth. Lies upon lies are too difficult to maintain and when you censor people it only reveals the true colors and adds strength to the resolve.

With all the menstrual and fertility complications, which are only going to get worse, and people discussing this amongst one another, even if censored on the internet, the word is going to spread and hopefully, before the first round of the lethal fake vaccine is fully administered.

I’ve seen many accounts of people opting out of the second dose due to undesirable effects, most notably clots, severe headaches, chronic exhaustion, and chest pains. Others have reported strokes. Depending on the severity it would be foolish not to err on the side of caution or to believe that this is somehow a normal response.

As things intensify and speed up we are going to witness a lot coming up in both directions. The awakening will gain more momentum and rallies will increase worldwide garnering much higher numbers. There will be more false-flag attacks to try and stifle and distract this movement but as usual, there will be a mountain of inconsistencies that easy to pick apart and the internet can circulate this information fast, even in spite of the growing censorship.

9/11 alone was a botch job that gradually drew more skepticism over the years and with these continued lockdowns and more free time with less external distraction, inevitably more waves of individuals are going to make the transition out of illusion and back to consciousness. Redpill on the rise!

This is also a great time to stimulate introspection among those who have not yet slowed down and journeyed inwards. This will be triggered by a dark night of the soul in many cases, stemming from suffering or severe disillusionment. Connecting to our internal intelligence is the best means to discern truth and break free from external mind control programming.

Meanwhile, the Karens and SJWs (social justice warriors) will become more aggressive in their attempt to rope people into the hive mind, reminding everyone how selfishly irresponsible and dangerous they are for not conforming to a tyrannical regime and offering themselves up as test subjects.

They will actively support the technocrats and government in issuing digital proof of medical status, while taking joy in seeing people turned away from fascist establishments that require forfeiting medical autonomy and submitting to digital enslavement for the right to participate in society.

What they fail to realize is that most of us do not care to integrate into their upside-down reality and will happily keep our distance without needing to be reminded. We will be working to reconnect to our roots back in communion with nature while nurturing new connections formed through genuine soul resonance.

This can happen on both a local and quantum level, generating more power in the Earth’s grid which will ripple and help elevate others. We are all on an evolutionary journey and will eventually be triggered back along an individuated path of development, as we learn to nurture true connection free from communist authority and where the individual decides their own fate.

Though we share the Earth, many timelines are accessible within it depending on vibrational resonance. The Earth is holographic, though our current experience in this density is physical. Should we lift some of this density, reality will become more malleable and receptive to consciousness so that free will can be utilized with less interference to start creating new experiences and environments that empower the individual and those it finds itself magnetized to.

The chaos will still be unfolding on another channel, but we can choose not to participate in it. But for now, at least there are lost souls that can be spared from suffering and who we can help shine a guiding light. The ones that are receptive will reveal themselves. We don’t need to force anything upon anyone or we are violating their free will, the very thing we are trying to protect.

Not everyone is ready to be unplugged. For those, we can practice acceptance and try to show some compassion, because ultimately they are only harming themselves. If we are confident and trusting in our path and connection, then we have nothing to fear.

Everyone's choices are registered by their soul and will we will all meet our reckoning. This is the creator learning more about itself, but the rulership of darkness needs to meet its maker and we have chosen to be here at this time to restore divinity to this Earth. Our creator imbued us with that ability, it is just waiting to be activated.

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