The Forces of Darkness Will Be Taken Down!

Dr. David Martin is a professional physician, developer of advanced computer systems, and advisor to industry & governments. Other than that, he also has engaged as an author, professor, and truth warrior in the fight to end criminal globalism.

This video marks a change in attitude you can expect from those of us working to end globalism. We are no longer tolerating your ignorance and vapid intellect. We are going to prosecute every single public figure who pushes this agenda. There is nowhere to run.

Spoiler Alert: DUSTIN MOSKOVITZ is NOT going to like this post or video! Dustin Moskovitz is an American entrepreneur who co-founded the famously anti-social networking site – Facebook. He left Facebook in 2008 and co-founded Asana, an application that works on the Web and on mobile operating systems like the iOS and Android and helps teams track their work. Dustin Moskovitz is TARGET #1 in the movement to end criminal globalism.

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