The Hitler Syndrome

Will we repeat history yet again? Does anyone ever learn anything from history? History says no to both questions. What is wrong with us? The Book of Enoch talks about the early days. Enoch was Noah's grandfather.

God told Enoch about all things that heal us and all things that are placed on this earth for the benefit of all of us. Archeologists demonstrate that we steadfastly refuse to learn from our mistakes. It seems that from the very beginning Man has systematically destroyed civilization after civilization. We lack the collective IQs to help ourselves. Sure, some of us develop theories of relativity or discover gravity, but for the most part, many of us are just too stupid to understand the nature of man. No matter what we do, it appears we're going to tank yet another civilization. All signs indicate that we are on track for yet another global reset. Who will survive? Who won't?

And regarding that “gravity” discovery, you should remember that it was the liberal/progressives of the time that declared Newton to be insane and placed him under house arrest.

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