Conrad Black Pardoned!

I learned yesterday that one of my hero's was pardoned by President Trump this week. Conrad Black, whom I reached out to in the late 1990s actually took the time to personally write a letter and mail it to me.  I had been following the life and career of Conrad Black in the late 1970's.

Conrad Black first came to my attention when I read Peter C. Newman's book “The Bronfman Dynasty” (published in 1979).  My wife had given it to me as a Christmas present that year.  But why a book like that for Christmas you ask?

It could be that our life mission is pre-ordained.  My intention was to become either a doctor or a lawyer – but that was just not going to happen.  Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, I can see that my path was quite clear.

  • My kindergarten teacher expelled me from class for refusing to follow orders that I felt were stupid.
  • In grade 2, I took on the role of “Bully Prevention Operative” in my elementary school.  I hated bullies and I soon discovered that bullies were essentially very weak people. I took on the role of bullying the bully.  If I saw acts of bullying going on, I stepped in and crushed the bully.Grades 2 through 7 became a bully free zone. Though, while I was in grade 7 some grade 10 bullies from a nearby high school challenged me on the playground of my school. There were 8 of them.  

    As we started to fight, the principal came running out and broke it up.Later that evening, my father drove me to each of their homes.  We knocked on the door and my father said, “Your son, in grade 10, came down to my son's grade 7 school to fight. Sadly the principle stopped the fight before your son got hurt.  We are here to allow your son to finish what he started.  Would you like to send your son out so that he can finish what he started? Every single one of the eight bullies refused to fight one on one with me.
  • Through high school I played rugby and basketball and set provincial records for junior boys Shot Put and Javelin.  I was enormously strong and so I never experience any bullying all the way through.

In 1976, I became profoundly interested in business.  I helped sponsor a Junior Achievement group with my employer at the time.  The path was set at this point.  I made some great money in the stock market from 1979 through 1980.  However, my sense of justice and desire for truth and transparency continued to put me at odds with the deep state agenda.  At some point, I realized that life was going to be a never-ending battle against crooks, idiots, and bullies.

So my study of Conrad Black left me feeling like I had met a common soul who understood the nature of the battle and need to take appropriate action.  I saw what they were trying to do to Conrad Black while he was at Hollinger Inc..  I wrote to him to express my views on the matter. I never expected the letter would even reach him.

Some time later, when I least expected it, I received a hand written reply from Conrad Black in the mail. Imagine my delight knowing that a man that I highly respected, and who is a multi-millionaire owner of a very large and important company, would take the time to hand-write a reply to me!  This was clearly a man on a mission and man with enormous integrity.

The corporate battle to take down Conrad Black, I realize now, was a very early example of the Liberal agenda at work.  These were members of the Deep State plotting and planning to take out a very strong and powerful man who controlled resources that would inhibit the progression and deployment of that global Liberal agenda.  Back in those days, we just didn't realize the extent to which the deep state was operating.

That has all changed now, thanks to the efforts of America's greatest ever president!  For this reason, I am very happy that Donald J. Trump realized the situation and took the effort to pardon this great man, Conrad Black.

You can read the full National Post article HERE.

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